In my favorite poem by Robert Frost, Nothing Gold Can Stay, he reminds us that like the seasons of nature, life is one season melting into another, and quickly fading away. This is my attempt to document each season in my life and my family.

Family Updates

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We’ve had a lot of busy days around here lately. I thought I’d give a little update.

First of all, things have really improved between Chris and I, and we have taken divorce off of the table. I thank you all for your prayers, and I hope you will continue to pray for us. God has really worked in my heart and has changed my mind, and, I can assure you, that took an act of divine intervention. We are still living separately right now while we work on our issues, but we are definitely staying married. Again, my heartfelt thanks for your prayers on our behalf!

Okay, on with the family updates…

The boys’ football season ended on Saturday. They both won their bowl games…Owen’s team won the Silver Bowl, and Elijah’s team won the Bronze Bowl. They both got nice looking medals. The boys had completely opposite feelings about the end of the season. Owen was not into the whole thing since about the second week. After his game was over Saturday, he told me, “I finally got out of it!” I think he may be more cut out to be a mascot than a football player. He is only five, though. Hopefully, he will be more into it later on. Elijah, on the other hand, has steadily progressed in his playing abilities all season, and has developed a deep love for playing football. His coaches couldn’t get him to talk to them at all, but they told Chris and I several times how impressed they were with his improvements, his listening, and his heart. He went from playing about four or five plays a game at the beginning of the season to playing the entire game on offense and a good portion of the game on defense. His team didn’t win a lot of games this season, so, when they won their bowl game and got a huge trophy and individual medals, I was expecting Elijah to be all smiles. He didn’t look happy at all, though. I was confused at first, but then I realized what was wrong. He told me that he was sad that football season was over. He spent the rest of the afternoon breaking my heart. Every time I looked at him, he had tears in his eyes. I felt so sorry for him! So…two totally different reactions to it, but the boys are finished for the year. I can’t say that I’m not totally relieved. I was not a fan of practices three times a week and games on Saturday.

The kids are all loving school. They have all adjusted nicely, and have all made friends. Owen had been on a field trip, and won the highly esteemed “first to ride on a real school bus” distinction. Kyra won first place in a speech competition, sang in a Veteran’s Day program, and has a field trip to the Cumberland County Playhouse coming up next week. Elijah is the only one with anything negative to say about school, and that is because he is convinced they are holding him back. He was a grade ahead in math in homeschool, and was learning multiplication. He is in second grade, though, and they aren’t doing multiplication in second grade in public school. This rubs him the wrong way. Other than that, he likes school.

Kyra has had a horrible cough for about a week. I took her to the doctor yesterday. He said he didn’t think she had pneumonia but that her lungs sounded “junky”. He put her on some medicine, and told us to bring her back if she gets worse. She sounds just terrible. Hopefully, the medicine will get it under control. I always get nervous with her, because she’s prone to respiratory problems (croup, pneumonia, etc.). Chris was at the doctor yesterday, as well. He has cellulitis in his leg. It’s causing him a lot of pain and discomfort and keeping him from work right now, but it should get better soon.

Abby Jo and I are enjoying all our free time while the kids are in school. She misses the kids and often gets mad at me when I bring her home after dropping them off. She thinks she should get to go somewhere every day, too. Apparently, home is boring. I am enjoying the boring, though. I’ve been going to the gym, taking Abby to storytime at the library, and going out for lunch. It’s nice.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Some Photos

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To view my Facebook album of photos from my Spring Break, click the photo below.

To view my Facebook album of photos from mine and Chris’ trip to San Diego, click the photo below.

Family Hiking Trip

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A few weeks ago, we took a family trip to Frozen Head State Park. Chris, the kids, Toby (the dog) and I hiked up to two different waterfalls. It was a lot of fun, and great family bonding.


Kyra played the role of photographer at the beginning of our hike, and she took this photo of the rest of us.


Abby Jo enjoyed herself.


I climbed on top of the first waterfall we came to.


We know we are totally awesome on top of the falls.


Abby eats a rock.


Me and my progeny under the second waterfall, Emory Gap Falls.


(Please to notice how that when I take the picture, the waterfall is actually included.)


It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery.


I couldn’t help but be amazed at God’s wonderful creation.

What’s New With The Harmon Crew

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of substance here. We have been sick. The kids were sick for three weeks straight. I don’t even want to talk about it, though. I’m just glad it’s over.

I thought I’d write a little update post for all of the family types that care about such things.

Chris has had a few interesting things going on. Our church recently voted to pursue his ordination. Hopefully, sometime this month or next, Chris will be getting ordained. The church also made him a deacon, so, along with all of his new deacon responsibilities like serving communion and going to meetings, we also get to laugh harder about the “deacon’s kids” jokes. Or am I the only one who thinks that’s fun? Chris finished his MA with his seminary a while back, and so he is currently putting together his packet for the Army. Hopefully, within a couple months, he will finally be an Army Chaplain.

Rachel, who has recently began referring to herself in the third person, has not been doing much of anything. After recuperating from her surgery, she spent several weeks cleaning up poop and vomit. That took up most of her spare time. She has also been reading books, taking naps, and attending a new Bible study with Chris and some friends.

Kyra just finished up second grade half a year early. We are very proud of her. She is reading like a champ, and is doing pretty well in all her subjects. She is her mama’s right hand woman, and helps a lot around the house. She is especially helpful with taking care of her baby sister. She has decided that she is going to be a missionary when she grows up, and often refers to her future plans. I’m kind of convinced she will actually do it. She solicited a rather large sum of money out of her father to donate to the relief effort in Haiti the other day, and that is a very good skill for a missionary to have. Kyra makes friends very easily with random kids on the playground, and within the first five minutes of conversation she will have asked the kid if they are saved.

Elijah is working hard at kindergarten. He struggles with not getting frustrated at his mother for not moving at the pace he could move at. He’s very smart, and could be finished with the kindergarten curriculum by now if I weren’t such a slacker. Between the baby, the surgery, and the sickness, we’re just getting by with kindergarten. He is doing very well at it, though. He spends most of his days running up and down the hallway, jumping, making sound effects, and force choking invisible opponents. He also recently lost his first tooth.

Owen spends most of his time personifying awesomeness. He is the most hilarious kid I’ve ever met. He is incredibly mischievous, and he keeps us in stitches. He’s really rather rotten, but we love him.

Abby Jo has had a lot going on lately. She got two top teeth a few weeks ago, bringing her to a total of four teeth. She took her first steps yesterday, and I’m sure she’ll be walking soon. She loves her brothers and sister, and follows them around. She loves to play with them, and they are usually pretty good at letting her hang with them in their rooms. She can say “DaDa”, “Mama”, and “Yayuh” (Kyra). She’s great fun. She likes to point, clap, and laugh when someone else laughs. She is obsessed with all things electronic and spends a good portion of each day trying to get laptops, iPhones, playstation controllers, and remotes.

That’s about it for now. I doubt y’all could handle much more excitement without getting jealous, anyway.

You Asked: What Started It All?

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When I asked if anyone had any questions for me, I was not surprised to get the following question, because I assumed there are a lot of people who have wondered about the changes in my life over the last couple of years. It was such a complicated question, though, that I decided to take a completely separate post to answer Cassandra’s, a loyal reader of at least a couple of years, question. She asked…

The last few years, I have been reading your blog, and when I first started, we had a ton in common. We were both at independent fundamental Baptist churches, we had children in ACE ( I think you used to have Kyra in one-maybe I am mistaken about that) schools, we stayed home with our kiddos, both wore skirts all the time, etc. etc… Now, we still have alot in common- (our ages, our kiddos, our mommyness moments) but alot has changed for you! I’ve witnessed alot in your life the last couple of years. Starting up your schooling again, going to a different church, your husband’s change in vocation, leaving behind alot of the fundamentalist ideas…so, I am just curious. What started it all? Do you still consider yourself an independent Baptist? I am not condemning your choices in any way, I am just curious about the journey that you have started on. Was there a defining moment when you decided you wanted to do things differently, or did it slowly happen?

I guess the question to answer first would be, “What started it all?”

About three and a half years ago, we were members of an Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB), King James Version (KJV) only church. This meant that the church believed that the KJV was the only translation of the Bible that was in fact the Word of God. They accept no other translations for English speaking people. Our church was pastored by a wonderful man who happened to preach quite often in many churches around the country about the KJV only doctrine. This meant that we heard it preached on a lot. Over time, Chris began to doubt the accuracy of this KJV only doctrine because of inconsistencies in the arguments that the proponents presented, and, because it was such a big deal in our church, he decided to study it for himself. When he informed me of his intentions, I actually tried to persuade him not to. I knew what the consequences would be if he came to the conclusion that it was a false doctrine.

Shortly after he began to look into it, we made the decision to leave the church that we attended to go to a like-minded church where my parents attended. This was actually the church that I grew up in, and the church that my parents attend. It was a much smaller church, and we went there with the hopes of having more opportunity to serve in the church. We really enjoyed going to this new church. The people there were wonderful, loving people who welcomed us with open arms. It was much like “going home” for me, since I grew up there. The pastor had been my youth pastor at the previous church, and I loved and admired him and his wife more than they probably knew. We quickly got involved in working at the church…I took over the janitor position until I got pregnant with Owen and wasn’t able to do it anymore, I took over being in charge of the nursery, I occasionally taught a children’s Sunday School class as a substitute, Chris built and ran a church website, and he took over the radio broadcast ministry. It seemed like such a good fit. It felt like family to me.

All during this transition time, Chris was studying the KJV only doctrine, and was sharing all of his studies with me. We had already sat under the teaching of the most well known teacher in our area of this doctrine for years, and Chris read many books both for and against it. I was very nervous about it during that time. It didn’t take much time, before the inconsistencies in the defense of KJV-onlyism  and the seeming poor logic began to become pretty apparent to me. While Chris was passionate about finding the truth about the matter, I wanted him to just let it be, because I didn’t want to have to leave our church and lose my friends. As Chris read sections of books to me, summarized them, and simply talked out the KJV only teachings, I began to see for myself, as much as I didn’t want to, that it just wasn’t adding up. While I was reluctant to admit to it out loud, I no longer believed the KJV only teaching.

Around this time, Chris went to our new pastor, and brought his concerns to him. He told him that he had been studying the subject, and he had some concerns about this teaching. The pastor suggested that Chris quit studying the matter, and just pray about it.  While Chris did pray about it, he also continued studying the matter. We eventually became fully convinced that KJV onlyism was not supported by Scripture, and we began to use other versions of the Bible for our own personal reading…mainly the English Standard Version (ESV).

For a while, this didn’t pose any problems for us, because we hadn’t told anyone of this change. In my own life, simply switching to a more modern translation was dramatically changing my Bible reading experience. Everything seemed so new and fresh…like I was reading all of the familiar stories and teachings for the first time. I really began to grow a lot during this time, and I felt the desire to share what was going on with me on my blog. I wrote a couple of devotional type posts, and then a series of posts about the things that God was doing for me.

The trouble came when I posted Bible verses on my blog from the ESV. It set in motion a series of events that changed my life. I posted the verses, one of my IFB friends read it and called me on the verses not being from the KJV, it became public that Chris and I were no longer KJV only, and some people were understandably upset. We were one of their own, and they saw us as straying from the truth. A few people asked questions or tried to point out in loving ways that I was in error, but an anonymous commenter left a comment on my blog, fearing for my spiritual well being, that prompted Chris to write a guest post on my blog explaining why we had left our KJV only position. You can read that post here, if you like. When this post came to our pastor’s attention, he was very upset with us. He felt that Chris’ explanation on my blog constituted teaching against church doctrines. When he and Chris discussed this at church one night, Chris told him that we were looking for a new church to attend, and he encouraged us to leave sooner rather than later or be in danger of church discipline. That was the last service we attended as members of that church.

I was very hurt by all of this, and, of course, felt responsible. I would find it a blessing at times, and a huge hurt at others. I vacillated between feeling abandoned and set free. I found myself completely separated from all I had ever known. We began attending Trinity Baptist Church, where we still attend. It was healing for me to go there. The people there have become family. They have embraced us, and allowed us to minister where we feel most called. While God was still greatly working in my heart and life, I didn’t blog about it as much, for fear of stirring up trouble again. I felt very disloyal to myself. It was hard to write about what was going on with me, because I was afraid of further offending people or hurting people. That is why there have been so many extended periods of silence on my blog. That is also the reason that the changes in my life over the last couple of years have been kind of mysterious to people who I don’t spend time with in real life. I haven’t talked about them or the reasons behind them, because I was afraid that the people in my life who do still hold to beliefs and standards that I have left behind would be upset with me. I was afraid that they would feel like my choices condemn their choices.

Only in recent days have I come to the conclusion that I cannot live my life this way. I cannot be true to myself and true to my understanding of my purpose in this world by muzzling myself. I believe that Christ came to set the captives free, and I believe that there are people in this world, like me, who have been held captive by religion. My whole world had to get shaken up for me to understand my freedom in Christ. I hope to write much, much more about this in the future.

That is what started it all… the basic story of how we left the IFB churches and KJV only movement that we had been associated  with. Now, I will try to answer the more detailed questions Cassandra asked.

Do we still consider ourselves Independent Baptists? Yes, we do. We attend an Independent Baptist church. However, we are not what many people consider to be Independent Fundamental Baptists. The IFB churches we used to be associated with are characterized by KJV onlyism, women only wearing skirts or dresses, no contemporary music, and separation from those who don’t also follow these beliefs. We now go to a church that is not KJV only, women can wear whatever they want to wear with the emphasis on modesty regardless of what type of clothing it is, and there is no issue made about what type of Christian music you choose to listen to.

My decision to abandon the skirts only practice was simply because I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I found absolutely no Biblical reason that I should continue the practice. I had grown up wearing only skirts, dresses, or culottes as a kid, until I was thirteen. When I was thirteen, my parents let me choose for myself, and I, without hesitation, chose to wear pants. I went back to skirts only when we joined a different church when I was fourteen, and all the other girls only wore skirts. I had the impression that it was really important to God, and that, if I wanted to be right with God and devoted to Him, I had to give up my blue jeans. As time went on, I became less and less happy with that choice. When we left our last church, I asked Chris to allow me to wear pants again. He didn’t want me to at first, because it was the final nail in the coffin. If his wife wore pants, people would certainly consider us to be not a part of their circle anymore. It would mean for sure that Chris would not be asked to preach for anyone, and it drew a definite line in the proverbial sand. I was tired of it, though, and I didn’t want to be different for different’s sake any longer. Buying my first pair of blue jeans in many years was a happy, happy day for me. I felt more like myself than I had in a very long time.

We still have a lot in common, Cassandra. Our daughter did attend the ACE school at our last church, and continued to go to school there for the rest of the year after we no longer attended church there. The reason she quit attending was not because we wanted her to, but because the school closed because most of the church families whose children attended the school put their kids in public school. There were not enough students left to keep the school open. This left us in a spot where we had to decide what to do for our kids. There is one other Christian school in our area that we considered, but it was considerably more expensive and would not be a feasible option financially once we had three children in school at the same time. What we chose to do was to continue using ACE curriculum and homeschool our kids. We stuck with ACE because I went through ACE from pre-school through graduation, and was comfortable with and had confidence in the curriculum.

I also still stay at home with our kids. I don’t have a job outside the home, nor do I intend to get one while our kids are at home. I do go to school, but took off this semester as well as last semester due to Abby joining our family and beginning kindergarten with Elijah. I needed to take time off for that.

More importantly, we both love Jesus. We both want to honor Him and glorify Him in our lives. We both seek to be Godly examples to our children. We both want to be witnesses to His saving grace and unending love. We are sisters in Christ, and I count you as my friend. Thank you, Cassandra, for just asking the questions, and giving me the opportunity to start a conversation that I have wanted to have for a long time.

Chris’ CHBOLC Graduation

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August 28, 2009 was a big day for Chris. He graduated from Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course, which finished up his chaplain training, at the Chaplain School at Fort Jackson, SC. The kids and I were so proud of him. Here are some photos and videos from our day. (I was having trouble with my camera, and I didn’t get videos of the last two platoons, including Chris’, singing their division songs, nor a photo of Chris walking across the stage.)


Christopher before the ceremony.


This is me with Mrs. Diann Hart, a chaplain’s wife that I got to know a little bit during my time at the Spouses’ Seminar. She, along with her two daughters, babysat all four of our children during the banquet.


This is me with Mrs. Teresa Boone, the wife of the Commandant. I enjoyed getting to know her at the seminar.


The whole family.


This is us with Chris’ mom, Velvet.


Me and Christopher


Daddy and his boys.


Daddy and his girls.


Daddy and all of his young’uns.


I love you, Christopher, and I’m very proud of you. I’m so glad you’re home!

Visiting Daddy

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Since Chris has been gone to Fort Jackson since early July, the kids and I made the trip to South Carolina to see him this weekend. The drive wasn’t too bad. The kids were mostly good, and Abby never really cried…only fussed till her big sister put her paci in. I was making good time until Elijah needed an unplanned bathroom stop, and then all the kids had to go. Then, not longer after that stop, Kyra said, “Owen has something yucky on his shirt and pants.” I turned to look, and saw that Owen had thrown up on himself. I was on the phone with Chris at the time, and said, “Great! Owen threw up.” When he heard me say this, Owen immediately started crying. It was quite a ways to the next exit, and Owen fell asleep while I was driving. This prompted a phone discussion with Amy on whether or not it made me a bad mom if I kept on driving while Owen was covered in puke, since he went to sleep and it didn’t smell that bad. I drove a while, but then I started smelling it so I stopped and cleaned him up. (This retelling reminded me that his pukey clothes are still in the van tied up in a little, scented, blue, plastic bag. I think I’ll be tossing that!)

Besides that and a homicidal truck driver who tried to run me off the road, it was an uneventful trip. We made it to Fort Jackson, and got to see Daddy. He was out in the parking lot of the hotel waiting on us. The kids were ecstatic to see him, and I think he felt the same about seeing us. We really miss him when he’s not home!


We went to Outback right away, and then came back to the hotel. Chris had to stay up late working on homework for CHBOLC. He didn’t get in bed till after midnight, and then had to get up at four for PT.

On Friday, we hung around the hotel until he got off, and then went to Applebees and to Walmart to buy swim stuff for the kids since I didn’t bring theirs. Chris went to sleep pretty early since he only got four hours sleep. On Saturday, we went to the zoo here in Columbia which was pretty fun. I’ll have to add pictures of that later, since they’re all on Chris’ computer. We ate at Maurice’s BBQ, which was kind of interesting but good, and then came back to the hotel. Chris took the three big kids swimming, and Abby Jo and I took a long nap. That was about it for Saturday. Today, we went to IHOP for breakfast, and then went to the Sesquintennial State Park and then to see G-Force at the movies. After the movie, we went to Rita’s Frozen Custard, and enjoyed some Italian ices and frozen custard. It was absolutely delicious! Today is the only day I took photos on my iPhone, so I can add the pics from today. Enjoy!


Waiting for IHOP is not much fun…but worth it!


This is at the park, where it was crazy hot…like around 98, I think. This isn’t the best photo, but I added it because I love Abby Jo’s expression. She looks like, “You call this fun?!?”


Elijah at the park.


Hot, little Abby Jo after having her diaper changed on a picnic table. She was still smiling, even though she was sooo over the whole thing.


Kyra sitting pretty in the shade.


Chris at the park, with Elijah in the background.


At Rita’s, they promised me happiness. I love the sign in the upper right that tells you where to order happiness. They came through. We were happy!


Kyra got some sort of strawberry flavor of Italian ice.


Owen and I had passion fruit.


After everyone ate their individual treats, Daddy went and ordered us all a large chocolate vanilla twist custard to share. We were very excited!


Ready? Set? Go!!!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

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Today is my handsome husband’s 33rd birthday. In order to get in shape for Army this summer, Chris is on a diet. So he got to celebrate, not with our customary lasagna and cake (cheesecake if he’s lucky), but with plain chicken breast and steamed veggies. He got a yogurt for dessert.  His birthday activities included working out and going to work. Whole lotta yay, right? Poor guy. One thing he does  have going for him today is the fact that he has four beautiful children who adore him. They picked him flowers (white clover), and then they made him this video.

As he headed out the door to work this evening, I said, “Happy birthday, honey.” He smiled and said, “I’m one year closer to dying now.”

That’s the spirit, Baby!

Happy birthday, Christopher. I love you!

This and That

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It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been busy…and sick. I have had a lot of fun over the last few days, though. 

Amy and her kids came for a short visit over the weekend. They got here early (early) in the morning on Thursday, and stayed through about noon yesterday. We didn’t do a whole lot because of how I am 32 weeks pregnant, and that translates to tired, sore, and swollen feet. We watched several movies, spent a lot of time on the couch with my feet up, and broke up a lot of kid fights. Turns out, nearly two years later, our kids still only like each other about half the time  a third of the time  thirty minutes a day. Okay, maybe a little more than that, but not much. We’ve decided that, in the future, we’re going to have to divide the Maxwell kids from the Harmon kids for a portion of each day. They just get too much of each other, and then we all go crazy. Anyway, we did do one fun thing while they were here. On Friday, we skipped Friday school at church, and took the kids on a field trip the Children’s Museum in Oak Ridge. That was a lot of fun. My camera battery was dead, so I didn’t get any pictures. Amy did, though, and I’ll have her send them to me so I can post a link to them later.

It was great to see my friend again, and it’s awesome to think that I’ll see her again in right around forty days…when she comes to be with me when my baby is born! Exciting days these are!

On Sunday morning, Chris had the opportunity to preach at our church. He did really well, and I was extremely proud of him. It’s cool for me to see how he’s evolving as a preacher since he’s been in Seminary. He preached on “Have You Been With Jesus”, and it really ministered to me. It’s exciting to get a little taste of what Chris will be doing as a Chaplain. We also had Awana Sunday night, which is always fun. Chris led a discussion in our Journey class with the teenagers, and it was good to hear them discussing how they could do more for God. We really enjoy working with the young people at our church.

Yesterday, we got to go out and enjoy some of the great weather we’ve had for the last few days. It has been unseasonably warm. We played outside yesterday in short sleeves! Chris had to go to the range yesterday, so, even though he didn’t get the whole day off, he was off by three, so we took the kids and went to the park. His mom met us there, and then ordered pizza for all of us while we played. It was awesome.  A great day with our family. Here’s a link to my Facebook photos from yesterday. I’m still having trouble uploading photos directly to my blog. I’ll get Chris or Amy to help me update my wordpress sometime soon, so that I can do that again. For now, I’ll just have to link you to Facebook.

Kyra just finished taking her last couple of first grade tests, and she is now…drum roll please…a second grader! I’m awfully proud of her. She’s made a lot of progress academically since the beginning of the school year. When we started the school year, she really struggled with reading. She spent half of her school days crying over how her words were too hard and she didn’t like reading. She has made tremendous gains in reading, and does quite well now. It’s been an interesting adjustment for me. I have to make sure she’s not standing behind me while having a private instant message conversation, or it’s not so private anymore.

So, that’s a bit of an update on us, for those who are interested. 

All The Latest

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Hello, everyone. I thought I’d write an update post…for all of you who want to know what’s going on with the Harmon family.

Things are going well, actually. We’re all doing pretty good. The kids and I are sick right now, which is why I’m writing this blog post instead of being at church right now. We had a very warm couple of days, followed by a few really, really cold days, and it has wreaked havoc with us. We all have sinus infections, I think. It started with Owen, then I got it, and now Elijah and Kyra are starting to feel bad. I’m going to try to get us all in to the doctor tomorrow. I actually ran into our doctor at Kroger yesterday, and, despite my horrible coughing fit in his presence, he didn’t offer to write any prescriptions in the produce section. 🙂 The Lord is good, though. When a few sinus infections are your worst complaints, I think you’re doing good.

Chris, as usual, is unaffected by our sickness. He almost never gets sick. He is, however, very, very busy. He is always either working, or doing schoolwork. He ended up taking four classes this semester. I was very thankful that he didn’t take five like last semester. I’d tell you what classes he’s taking, but I don’t actually remember. If you’re interested, though, I could ask him. I’m very, very proud of my man for how hard he is working to simultaneously support our family and prepare for the call that God has placed on his life. He is a very interesting man to talk to these days. Beyond his schoolwork, he’s been studying different subjects on his own, and it makes for some interesting conversations. I appreciate his studious nature. It makes me a smarter person.

I am only taking the two classes this semester. I’m doing well in them. I’m not having as much fun this semester since I’m not actually going to classes. I really enjoy getting out of the house, meeting new people, and experiencing the social side of school. Taking a full load of classes like I did the first two regular semesters (I only took two classes in the summer) was more than I thought I could responsibly handle this semester. Last semester was really hard, and I felt like I needed to cut down this time around. So, school is not as demanding on my time right now as it was in the fall. I would appreciate your prayers as I try to decide about which classes and how many I should take in the next couple of semesters. It’s always a delicate balance concerning school and family.

Kyra is doing very well in school. She’s learning to read and write, and is doing quite well. She has actually already finished kindergarten, and she has been working on first grade work for a few weeks now. She likes school, but she sometimes procrastinates a lot. She’s very dramatic, and there are often tears involved in her schoolwork. She gets easily overwhelmed by a difficult looking task. Her confidence is growing as she moves along in school, though. I’ve noticed her, in the last week or two, reading things around the house. I think that’s awesome. Next school year, the school she is going to will no longer be open, so I will be homeschooling her. It’s a daunting task, but a friend of mine, who is the main supervisor at her school, is going to help me get set up and going. Kyra will continue doing the same curriculum that she does now, so that will make it easier for me. I went through the same curriculum when I went to school, so I am very familiar with it. Her homeschooling is yet another thing that I will have to take into consideration when I decide about my own classes in the fall.

Elijah is doing awesome. He is changing a lot lately. He’s not quite so contrary as he used to be. He has always been a very sweet, tenderhearted little boy, but he has also always shown a very gruff side to people outside our family. He’s getting better at this. He loves Sunday school and Awana, and is doing really well with interacting in his classes. He learns and says his Bible verses, and is doing really well with participation. I’m proud of the changes I’ve seen in him. He is awfully quiet, but he takes everything in. He randomly tells me he loves me all day long. He hugs all over Kyra and Owen, and often helps his little brother do things. He’s the first one to volunteer to help me do things. He is fixing to have a birthday later this month…the 25th. I can’t believe he’s turning four!

Owen keeps us in stitches most of the time. He’s hilarious. He’s very, very funny, and, oh, so cute. He’s learning to talk, and his vocabulary is starting to pick up. Unfortunately, he has, for some reason, started saying a very naughty word for pretty much everything. I don’t know why he decided to put those particular sounds together, but it’s quite distressing. So, if you hear my baby boy cursing, please know that he did not overhear it anywhere. It’s just an unfortunate practicing of sounds. <sigh> I try. I really try. 🙂 Besides his potty mouth, he’s quite the personality. He loves to make us laugh. If you laugh one time at something, he is sure to repeat it. His brother and sister think he is totally awesome, and they always let him in on their fun. I love watching the three of them play together. I couldn’t be more blessed with kids that get along together. Owen is also a very, very affectionate little boy. He spends half his time in my lap. He still plays with my hair constantly. He has started going to people, arms outstretched, and says, “Hug.” It’s adorable.

I know this is not the most fascinating or entertaining post, but it’s mostly for those family members who live far away and like to know what we’re up to. We’re doing good. Life is good. Really, really good.

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