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What Hurts the Most

Filed under: Faith — Rachel at 4:19 pm on Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The day after Election 2016 has been painful. It didn’t go the way I expected . . . or the way I had hoped. I went from weeping tears of joy yesterday afternoon watching women lined up at Susan B. Anthony’s grave to place their “I Voted” sticker on her tombstone believing we were less than 24 hours away from having the first female president to weeping tears of confusion and deep sadness when it became obvious that not only was Donald Trump going to win but he was winning by a landslide.

I was really disappointed that it wasn’t Hillary Clinton because shattering the highest and hardest glass ceiling of all would have been so awesome.

I was really disappointed, not because a Republican candidate was winning, but because of the kind of man that was winning. One that bragged about sexually assaulting women, etc. How did he survive that?

But what hurts the most is not that she didn’t win or that he did. What hurts the most is who supported him.

I am a Christian, and I am a woman. I am someone who has been through some of the things that Trump was accused of doing to women. I am someone who at one time was part of a marginalized community and was the recipient of hateful and bigoted personal attacks. I take the things he’s said and done personally.

As a Christian, I cannot stand in support of someone who has said and done the things he’s said and done. It offends me at the deepest level of my faith. It is the antithesis of everything I believe in. It is the antithesis of Christianity. We are supposed to minister to the least of these, not look away when they are being maligned and threatened.

What hurts the most is not that Christians voted for Donald Trump. Everyone has the right to vote for whoever they think will do the best job of leading our country. I don’t believe that person has to be a Christian. This is not a theocracy. It’s not about being the Pastor of the United States; it’s about being a good President. Sometimes, we have to vote for “the lesser of two evils.” We may not like either candidate so we have to vote for the one who we see more potential in than the other. That’s fine. I understand that. That has definitely been the case in this election. I wasn’t a supporter of Hillary Clinton in the beginning. I didn’t like either candidate very much. The more I read about Clinton, the more I came around to believe she would be a good candidate. I understand that some people saw things very differently. That’s okay. My best friend voted for Trump and that didn’t hurt our relationship at all. It’s not that Christians voted for Trump; it’s that they excused him.

It hurts me deeply that so many Christians compromised what they are supposed to believe in so deeply to verbally excuse his behavior. How? How can you excuse away all the things he has said? Maybe the most disgusting thing was said many years ago, but he said horrible things about people over and over and over during his campaign. There was zero evidence that he had become a better man than he was when he said he could grab women by the pussy or kiss them against their will or move on a married woman “like a bitch.” He continued to make comments that were an offense to many, many groups of Americans. They brushed off those comments as of no consequence. Vote for him if you must, but at least have the integrity to either say his comments were wrong and immoral and fly in the face of your Christianity or stay silent and don’t jump to his defense. The hypocrisy astounds me. It hurts me.

I have many friends who could not in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton. I’m not sure what they ended up doing. Some of them may have not voted, some of them voted third party, and I’m sure some of them ended up voting for Trump even though they were disgusted by his words and behavior. I’m okay with those things. What I’m not okay with is you saying you’re a Christian and acting as if there is nothing wrong with the kind of person he has proved to be.

What hurts the most is to know how quick so many of my friends were to let their lifelong faith play second fiddle to their politics.

We can be better than this. I hope in the future we will be.

As for me, life goes on. I’m disappointed, but I’m not without hope. The sun rose this morning just like it does every day. My faith is my anchor. God is still in control. He appoints those in power for His own reasons. I will respect the office of the President and the man who is in it, just as I always have. I just hope to be able to respect my fellow Christians, too.

Don’t sell out your faith, Friends. The world is watching us and judging our Jesus by our words.


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