In my favorite poem by Robert Frost, Nothing Gold Can Stay, he reminds us that like the seasons of nature, life is one season melting into another, and quickly fading away. This is my attempt to document each season in my life and my family.

Kid Quote

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Poor Logan has the flu, and I have warned the other kids to keep their distance. I’m dreading an influenza outbreak in the Holbrook/Harmon house.

I heard Owen saying to Logan that they could sit close because Owen wouldn’t catch the flu anyway. I asked why he didn’t think he would catch it. He said, “Because I’m awesome!”
I said, “Being awesome didn’t keep you from getting sick all the other times.”
He said, “I’m a lot more awesome now!”


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Comment by Diane Ratliff

December 27, 2014 @ 12:10 pm


Most people that cause problems for others are jealous of you or of what you have. I love hearing how happy you are, about the kids and all of your lives. I wish I would of know Matthew as he was growing up but living in different places made it hard. So, that is why I am so glad to hear about your lives know. I missed a lot not living close to family for the last 28 years. If it wasn’t for facebook I would not know anything that was going on in my family. Keep up the writing. Don’t ever stop.

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